Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sept. 7, 2011 Elang Botak (Bald Eagle)

Hey family!!

How are things going? It sounds like y'all had quite the trip up to Utah and enjoyed your time there. I am jealous of your constant j-dawgs eating and wish y'all would stop reporting it, but I found a place that sells pigeon to eat we will see if I get the guts up this week to try it. Everyone I've asked has said it is really good. Thanks for all the pictures. Ezra seems like he is doing good and he has quite the load of hair, maybe he was sent here to break the bald streak in the family. And Deborah those pictures are Alice on top and Viola on the bottom. I will plan the trip to Indiana in about 11 months ... sorry I can't make it any sooner. I'm a little busy here and I don't think my mission President will give me permission to head to Indiana.

Well this week has been filled with crazy stories and happenings that leave me thinking "that would never happen in America" at the end of each day. Probably the craziest was this past week when we were walking to a member's house and I noticed that a random house on the street had a HUGE bat and raven in cages just hanging outside of the house. Of course that is different so I took a picture. The guy who lived there noticed and came out and started talking to me and my comp and the elders who were with us. We started talking about his animals and how cool they were and he said, quite matter-a-factly, "Oh I have one that is even cooler," enters his house and brings out a freaking bald eagle!! Needless to say my jaw dropped to the ground. Where else does that happen? It was crazy. So I got to pet and hang out with a bald eagle. I included a picture because I didn't think anyone else would believe me. I tried to get the eagle to sit on my arm but it wouldn't. The guy said the eagle wasn't used to white skin. But his guy just lets the eagle have free reign of his house. It is not kept in a cage. This guy also had a baby leopard in his house and two stuffed kamodo dragons on his wall. It was the craziest house ever. I just wanna know if that has ever happened to anyone else on their mission before!!!

Sorry mom we didn't do too much for P-Day this week. We were pretty wiped and so stayed in, but last week we went to the beach with some members in the branch. Really fun and probably the most modest beach in the world. Mom would've been really happy there. There are some pictures from the beach too. Enjoy!!

Question: Has Melissa had her baby or not? Please send me an update! Thanks!!!

Well actual missionary work wise things are going well. Vito was able to get baptized this week which was really exciting and a great experience. He actually has spent a couple of days going out and working with the elders and teaching with them. Really fun. And also exciting is that we have been able to meet with Floren a couple times this week and she came to church this week. She has decided that she is ready to really learn and give things a chance. We totally support that decision.

Yusi's life has finally calmed down enough that she can meet with us again. We met with her at the beginning of the week and had a heart-to-heart kind of discussion. She confessed that she has yet to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and so we gave her the challenge of doing that this week and coming to church. We are praying that she does both.

Our other investigators are not much to report. We can usually find a new person to teach each week and we will teach them the first lesson and then they don't want to learn after that. It is always disappointing, but they have their agency and I have to respect that.

My funny story for the week was on Monday we were searching for the house of a less active member and met this really nice family. They were Muslim but nevertheless let us enter their house and talk to them for a while. We were talking to the mom and dad when their little 8 year old girl came out of her room, saw me, and completely stopped! She was absolutely stunned. And the only thing she could say was, "Mom, is she from the tv?" HA! I'm a movie star!!! And then her mom responded, "No, not from the tv. But she is like a real-size Barbie." .... I don't even know what to say...

Well I love you all at home! I'm glad everyone is doing well and enjoying school. Keep blogging pictures, for me or Bevan I still love them. I know this church is true. Thank you so much for all your prayers for me. They help me and strengthen me each day. Love you and miss you!!!


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