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Sept. 14, 2012 Belajar Membatik!! (Learning Batik!

Hello Family!!!

How are things going there in Texas!! I'm so sorry to hear about the BYU loss. I actually remembered about the BYU/Texas game this week but wasn't sure when it was. I always am thinking a little bit about BYU football each Saturday and cheer them on. Hopefully they can bounce back and have a great game next week. Sorry to hear about those Trojans too. I don't think about them too much at all. But I hope the band is good. Congrats Melissa!!!! That is so exciting and I bet she is really cute. I will be anxiously waiting pictures one day. Or I guess I will see her one day in a few months. I am so happy for you. I hope you recover well and that she sleeps through the night for you. I am glad that everyone liked the picture of the bald eagle. It is a highlight of my mission so far. I had no encounters with any wild animals this week and didn't eat anything weird. (The place was out of pigeon when I finally got up the courage to eat it. Bummer. So I ate duck instead... with my hands. Malan would've loved it. Mom would not have.)

Well this week wasn't too exciting. We actually had a pretty full schedule and quite a number of appointments so it was a lot of work and not much time to search for the crazy things of Indonesia or the crazy people. And the rainy season is slowly beginning which is absolutely no fun for those missionaries who can't ride around in their cars like those in CA. But P-day today was pretty exciting. Me and my comp learned how to make batik. Well really we learned the theory behind making batik, the actual process is really hard and I now know why handmade is always so expensive. But it was really fun. We didn't get to the part of adding the color, so it is just white and brown right now. But maybe we will continue next week. If we can't get tickets to the circus that is in town... Are you jealous Malan? Maybe I will try and get really good at making batik so I can teach everyone at the next family reunion. I was thinking the whole time how jealous Mom, Annie, Deborah, Hannah, and Rebekah all would've been. I am also sure that Bevan, Malan, and Hansen are sad that they missed out. Maybe on your missions you can do things like this... maybe. I will try and remember to send pictures next week on the batik making process.

Well this week we had some good progression with Pamela, the crazy teenage girl. We had a nice sit down with her and her mom and talked about what she needed to do and change in order for her mom to give permission to be baptized. Pamela agreed and we have set a goal date for baptism for the middle of October. We are hoping and praying that everything works out and she continues to make the necessary changes in her life.

Floren continues to be doing good and will continue to need time. She has a great desire to find out the truth but doesn't believe that she has gotten a definitive answer. But she was early to church and actually spent the whole time with the YW at church and not right next to her mom's side. She is slowly becoming more confident with herself and happier and it is fun to see the changes the Gospel is slowly making in her life.

Yusi we don't quite know what to do. She wants to learn and believes that the church is good but isn't willing to do anything about it. She doesn't like coming to church and feels not too comfortable, which is kinda sad and we hope we can help her get over it. She still is a little hesitant about a modern-day prophet but is beginning to believe it. We just keep working with her and helping her progress.

We met a really awesome lady in an angkot a couple of days ago, Ibu Yudit, who was really interested in learning about the church, which made us smile. We are hoping to meet with her on Friday and hoping all things go well because of it.

Well sorry there isn't too much to report this week. It wasn't the most exciting, but still was a week of a lot of hard work and progress. My funny moment of the week I am still actually really confused about. We met this lady and were talking to her in her house and she keeps going on about how pretty I am. And she says, "You are just so pretty... You must be related to Michael Jackson! Right?" WHAT?!?!? Is that an insult or a compliment? I don't understand!!!

Well I love you all and hope you all have a great week. I'm sorry the emails are too long for you Hansen, but you have a whole week to read them so I don't feel too bad. Miss you!!! I know this church is true and love sharing it with the people of Indonesia. I am so grateful for all the blessings we have been given. LOVE YOU!!!


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