Friday, February 10, 2012

Sept. 28, 2011 Siapa Mau Es Krem Kacang Hijau? (Who wants Green Bean Ice Cream?)

Hey Family!!!

How goes things? I'm glad you finally got my envelope. I sent that about two months ago and the lady said it would only take 3 or 4 weeks to get there so I was getting a little worried and thinking that it had gotten lost or someone just really wanted to steal random pictures of me in Indonesia. But, phew! It made it!! Good to know. I hope everyone enjoys their letters even though some are from May. I started the process right after Mother's Day and it just took awhile. We have quite a large family I have decided. Well it sounds like everyone has had a good week. I'm glad Mom and Dad made it home safely and enjoyed their trip. I also enjoyed the pictures that you blogged. That place looks nothing like Indonesia... much too clean! And Indonesia would've had a soccer match or badminton going on on the beach, not Cricket. And Congrats to the Rangers! That is awesome. And clearly the Mavericks just don't want me to miss too many of their games and be too sad so they are postponing their season for me. How nice of them! And I'm glad Newman Smith is returning to their glory days. All is right in the world when they are 0-4.

Well this week has been a good one. We have started teaching English at a Muslim School once a week. It is really fun and a great experience. I'll include some pictures to help illustrate. It is a pretty poor school and the kids English is not the best but they enjoy trying with an American. They are actually more interested in learning about America than anything else, but I make them ask me all their questions in English. So the first picture is me and all the girls in the class. The class has about 40 kids and most are girls... The boys were really too shy to take pictures with me, so they just took out their phones and took pictures of me. Awkward? Yes! The girls are more than happy of taking pictures with me and the consensus was that I look like Emma Watson from Harry Potter. The class then gave me a gift to thank me, see picture number 2. The gift was a Batik purse which was really cute and I am very grateful for and also a stuffed tomato, of which I am still confused about. It might be the gift I give Zoie when I get back but until then what do you did we do with it? See picutre three. A daily reminder of my service here in Indonesia. Kinda crazy. The whole experience was great and fun and was one of those moments were I thought of how crazy it is that I am doing this. I really enjoyed it until... We were invited to meet the headmaster of the school after we taught and guess what he served us to eat. GREEN BEAN ICE CREAM!!!!! I think it was the closest I had gotten to throwing up food that I had been given to eat. It was more disgusting than durian. I still don't like thinking about it. But I know Heavenly Father blessed me to help me eat that with out offending this man. But I did eat it all and I am a stronger woman because of it. But Malan you can not come on your mission to Indo.

Well, investigators are still going well. Pamela is still doing good and if she keeps going like she has been doing lately her mom will let her get baptized in the next couple of weeks. It is all up to her and what she wants to decide. But she seems pretty dedicated and really wanting to make life better for herself and set a good example for her family.

Floren made a great turn for the better this week. She told us at the end of the last week that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and she even started going to seminary with Vito. Needless to say me and Sister Tukijan were shocked but very, very happy at the same time. She came to church again on Sunday and even practiced with the Branch Choir. And then yesterday when we taught her she told us she wanted and was ready to get baptized. We are working for the 16th of October so she can get baptized with Pamela. We are really excited about it and are glad that we gave her the time that she needed to work things out and make the progression that she needed, despite the fact that it just took a little bit longer. It has also been great to see how the gospel has changed her life and how much more confident and happy she is from when I first met her. And also, Vito, her brother, passed the sacrament for the first time last Sunday. He was quite nervous but did a great job.

And after they are baptized me and Sister Tukijan are kinda confused what to do next. We have a few good potential investigators who hopefully will progress, but we will be starting from square one kinda in a few weeks. But we will just keep working and see where the Lord takes us.

Well my funny story for the week was the green bean ice cream. I don't really think I could ever top it. There have been 3 eight year old kids that have stood in front of me staring at me as I email you. Kinda weird.

Well I love you all. Enjoy Conference this week. I will watch it next weekend after we get the translated version. So I will be a week behind. But I'm hoping this time I will be able to understand and get some sort of spiritual upliftment from it. But it is always a great blessing and gift we have in our lives to get the words of living prophets and apostles. I'm so grateful and excited. Have a great week. I love you all!!!


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