Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nov. 9, 2011 Musim Hujan (Rainy Season)

Dear Family,

Hello from Malang, Indonesian!! How are things going over there are on the other side of the world? I'm glad that everyone survived the earthquake. That is pretty crazy, in fact I'm a little sceptical. Maybe y'all are all making it up so you can feel like you live in Indonesia... Who knows? It sounds like you had a great week, filled with a trip to San Fran. That is pretty fun. I'm glad was able to stay out of the hospital while you were there. Did you at least take a ride to see the old Catholic hospital to relive the old times? Was Wicked there to go see? I'm pretty excited for Hannah and Chris tomorrow. I'm a little sad that I have to wait a whole week to see the pictures, but I guess that is ok. I'm sure I will survive. Good luck this weekend at state, Malan. I hope all goes well and that y'all win. I think if you did it would be the first time I'm a little bit proud to have graduated from Smith and if you loose, well that would just be typical Smith.

Well I am writing to tell you that it is officially Rainy Season in the country of Indonesia. This past week it has rained 5 days out of 7, with the other two days very, very close to rain. Let's just say that my umbrella is my new best friend and I'm glad that I have one from America, because my companion has gone through 2 in the past 2 weeks. You would think that the umbrellas in Indonesia would be a little more reliable. It rains or threatening rain pretty much all day. If Heavenly Father really loves me, it starts raining when we go into an appointment and stops when we leave, but sometimes it doesn't always happen that way. And there is no drizzle here either... if it rains, it is always raining HARD!!! And since it is a 3rd World Country the drainage system isn't too good so there is the occasional flooding. My shoes so far have been holding up. So far it hasn't been too bad, but to think that this will go on till next May is a little ridiculous to think about especially since my tan was FINALLY starting to come and now the sun isn't even here. So it is going to go away. I'm pretty sad... 7 months of hard work and my tan is pretty pathetic. And I just don't understand why it can't rain at night or during the morning while we are studying, but it never does. It just doesn't make sense to me.

OK, Mom the international mail system decided to be really, really efficient. I got my Christmas package this week. I was pretty shocked. But the fact that I have to look at it for the next month and a half is not too funny. But it is sitting next to my Birthday Package just waiting to be opened. And I just have a favor to ask of anyone... Will someone send me some mail that I can open right when I get it? Please. I would greatly appreciate it!! For my birthday package is it one where I should open on my birthday or like a week before or what? I need some instruction!

OK, Dad I have a question. During your time in Iran did you ever live through the Muslim holiday, the day of Sacrifice? I'm just wondering... if you did, did it scar you as much as it did to me? And if you didn't, be grateful. Gross!! I'll explain the rest when I come home.

Well this week, investigator wise, was ok. There was still a lot of rejection, but that is to be expected. Indonesians aren't too good at just telling us that they aren't interested so they get pretty creative with their ways of avoiding us. We just laugh at them and tell them they are missing out on something awesome. We did find a girl named Meike and her mother and gave them a Book of Mormon and they seemed pretty interested. The Dad is pretty sick and always wants us to sing to him to comfort him. Since he is sick they can't really go anywhere and so I think they are pretty excited to have company. We told them the Book of Mormon is the best cure for loneliness ever. Hopefully it will give them some encouragement.

We are also starting to teach Yusi again, who we taught about 2 months ago, but was learning really just for her mom, who is a member in Hong Kong, and not really for her. She seems more ready to accept this gospel now and hopefully that is true.

The work keeps going here. It is slow, but that is ok. We know we will win in the end. In the mean time I teach English for free to anyone who wants to learn, so that keeps me busy. And I'm learning that I pretty much know nothing about English grammar. I hate the question, "But why do you use that verb tense?" Ms Harris and Ms Morgan would be ashamed.

Well I miss you guys a lot. Sorry there wasn't to much to report in this letter. I didn't score any more goals in soccer. I'll try an make this next week more interesting. If not I'll send some pictures home next week. I'm sure mom would love that. Well I miss you all so much and love you lots too!!! I'm glad everyone is doing well. Enjoy the new addition to the family. I will be excited to see pictures next week. Take lots of them. Good luck Hannah and Chris!! And Good luck Malan!!! Have a great week!! I know this Church is true and love it with all my heart!!


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