Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nov. 30, 2011 Selamat Ulang Tahun kepadaku!!! (Happy Birthday to Me!!)

Hello Family and Friends,

How are things going there in Texas and everywhere else that you may be? I don't know if you can tell from my writing or anything but I am officially writing to y'all as a 22 year old. I woke up today with a few gray hairs... actually that is true and it is only because I woke up to my companion throwing flour in my face. An Indonesian tradition that I'm not quite sure about, but it is better than a raw egg broken on the top of the head which is more traditional. I was thankful that that didn't happen. Actually I have had a wonderful birthday ... with a few pictures to show you. But first I am glad that everyone had a great thanksgiving. I was fun to see all of your pictures, thanks for blogging. And Deborah... Your hair is so long. I'm shocked!!! And I can not even express my jealousy over y'all seeing the NBA championship trophy. That is ridiculous!!! I hope I get the Christmas card with the photo.

Well, as for my birthday, like I said I woke up with flour thrown in my face, but that was ok. Then we quickly got dressed and I opened my presents from y'all. Thanks for all the vera bradley!!! What would a birthday be like without some vera. The pictures were awesome and I love the necklace. Thanks for everything!!! It made today very special. Then we quickly went out and were off to celebrate as a zone at Taman Safari, a zoo here were you drive through the zoo and the animals are just walking around. We got pretty close to lions, zebras, hippos, camels, and lots of other animals. But the fun part was the baby zoo where you could pay one whole dollar and get pictures taken with baby animals. See pictures one and two to see me with a 2 month old baby orangutan, Claudia, and me with a 5 month old lion, Java. It was a pretty surreal experience. And pretty much Claudia loved me. I got lots of pictures... Java was not too pleased and kinda scared me. The baby tiger was not chained up and scratched someone before me so I chickened out on that one... actually I couldn't fork over another dollar, but that is 4 angkot rides!!! The zoo was awesome and definitely was a once in a lifetime experience. Then as we were leaving we came upon this picturesque view... see picture 3. Can you find that anywhere in America???? And then let me tell you how much I love senior couples... they found out it was my birthday and made me cookies. They brought them to the zoo with some candles so I could blow some out and make a wish. It was a great to be sung to in English. My birthday has turned out to be a great day. Thanks for all the emails and blog posts too!! What an awesome family!!!

Well this week continued to be a little frustrating. We have been able to make contact with a few former investigators who seem interested in learning again so we are glad about that and are hoping things go well there. Ibu Tinawati is still our only stable investigator and she continues to read the Book of Mormon but it is going to be hard for her to come to church, she works Sunday morning selling at the market and apparently Sunday is her busiest day. It definitely will be a step of faith for her to come to church, but slowly we see that faith growing in her. We love her and keep working with her. But the most exciting part of these week was on Sunday when two less active ladies we have been working with for a long time came to church. We were so excited!!!! It pretty much felt like a baptism. They both seemed to have a good experience and hopefully they can keep coming and become active again.

Well thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, presents, and packages. I was probably most excited about the advent that you sent me. My companion thought it was strange, but when I explained it to her... she still thought it was strange. But I love it!! I can't wait to start that along with the scriptures tomorrow. Thanks so much for being a wonderful family. I love you all and miss you all!!! Oh and I ate Thanksgiving dinner last week at Pizza Hut. A supreme pizza never tasted so good. Have a great week. I'm on the look out for a nativity mom, but I haven't succeeded yet. I just saw my first Christmas tree so maybe I'm close. Pray!!! I know this church is true and I love you all!!!


PS... For calling, yeah I figure I could call at like 5 o'clock am on Christmas and all things would be ok. No really, maybe like 7 am there. Is that 8 pm here right? With the time changes ya? Umm... I will probably be calling since I don't know anyone with skype here. I figure just buy a calling card. I will try and figure that one out this week. Thanks!! Can't wait!!! Love you all!!!

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