Friday, February 10, 2012

Sept. 21, 2011 Belajar Membatik!! (Learning Batik!)

Dear Family and Friends,

How are things going there in the USA and Barbados apparently? That sounds like quite an amazing trip that you and Dad are on right now. I'm kinda jealous because we never pay extra for the air conditioned buses. Be careful what you say Dad or you and Mom are going to be serving your mission in Indonesia strengthening the branches here, but that is ok because I would totally come visit you if you did. All the buildings here have air conditioning and it is usually on at the beginning of the meeting, but by the end they are off because all the people get too cold if the air gets under 80 degrees. I still haven't figured it out. No, I haven't played the piano yet in a single church meeting because there have always been people who can. The YW in the branch I am in now have actually made it part of their personal progress to learn and play the piano for sacrament meeting. It is pretty awesome. Well, I hope you are enjoying your trip. I hope I get a good souvenir!!! And I hope everyone is surviving at home. Don't worry Rebekah, what doesn't kill you, including Malan and Hansen, only makes you stronger. You can do it. And you can always write me letters if you get bored. Wink, Wink!

Well I am still quite impressed with this family's ability to keep a secret. I actually thought that we couldn't do it, but the fact that EVERYONE kept it from me for 7 months that Hannah was pregnant is impressive. Really, no one had the desire to tell me. Ridiculous!! I'm still just shocked. Well just so everyone knows, you are all finding out that I am engaged through a wedding announcement you get in the mail just a couple weeks before!! I hope you will all be able to make it to the ceremony... I'm still really excited but just shocked out of my mind.

Well as promised here are some pictures from our Batik adventure last week. I'm still waiting for Bevan to send some pictures home. Maybe one day...

Well here I am learning how to make batik. First we had to draw out the pattern we wanted. One picture is me helping the Sister who taught us trace her batik... It would be much too advanced for me. And then we went to town with the wax and drawing and trying it out. And then here is a picture of the finished product. Really not anywhere close to being able to sell it, but I'll keep trying. Well then we celebrated by buying some batik and we were walking around at a shopping center here and look what I found!!!!!!! (see the last picture attached) Holy Moly!!! I almost cried with excitement. I couldn't handle it. It was so exciting. Even Indonesians are fans of Dallas Sports. I always knew I loved this country. And yes Deborah, that is a new shirt I am wearing. It is an Arema jersey which is the soccer team here in Malang that everyone is fans of. I bought the jersey really because of the number, 41, but I might be becoming a Dendi fan... whoever that is!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Well as for investigators, Pamela is still doing good. She is slowly being more obedient to her parents and not going crazy with all things teenager and you can see how it has made a difference in her life. It really has been a great testimony builder to me to see her change. We just keep praying that it will keep up and she will keep going in the right direction.

Floren came to church again this week and enjoyed it and is making friends with the YW but she hasn't been in the learning mood of late. We are more on her terms and are just waiting for her to be in a good mood to learn and until then we just keep waiting and praying for her. She will have to make a decision one day and we just hope she makes the right one.

Things continue to go well. I'm doing good and loving this work. I have learned so much over the past 8 months it is kinda ridiculous and I just hope the next 10 months continue to be the same. I'm sure they will. Sorry I don't have a funny story to report this week. I did have someone ask if Obama was my Dad. And another person asked if I was from Canada. I just have to shake my head at these funny Indonesians. But I love them and love serving them. I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy the rest of your trip mom and dad! Love you all!!!


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