Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nov. 16, 2011 Sakit, Anjing, dan Seorang Ibu yang Berusia 100 tahun (Sick, Dog, and a 100 year old woman)

Hello Family,

It looks like things are going well there at home and all things are going well. Welcome to the world James! You are quite the cute little baby. You are lucky you are so handsome, because I don't just share my birth month with just anyone, but with you I am more than happy too. I will be excited to meet you in 8 months!! I am glad that Hannah is doing well and Avery and Sarah have adjusted to the new addition. Quite an exciting time. I am also glad that Mom will be able to to have her surgery this week and I will pray that all will be well. And I really, really hope that your chapstick works Bevan. That just sounds awful!! How are you able to survive? It is a good thing that you have a car to help you cope. I will be having a special fast for you this week to make sure that you fully heal.

Well this week has been full with crazy events. Sorry, I don't have time to attach pictures. Next week, promise!! Well this week actually didn't start out very fun. It started out with me being sick in bed last Thursday and Friday. Apparently I ate a kind of food last Wednesday night that is a 'killer of white people' from what I learned afterwards. And believe me the food tried hard to kill me. It was not too fun and made me pretty homesick at times, but after about 48 hours of straight sleep I was able to make it through. And then my lips got chapped and that was just awful! Actually not really, but it was a rough few days, but I felt pretty darn skinny at the end of it!!

Saturday I was back to normal and could work again and ended the day with really testing my stomach... that is right. I ate dog!!! It looked pretty gross, but I just couldn't give up the opportunity. But I am here to report that dog is delicious!! YUM!!! My poor companion was pretty disgusted by the whole thing and would not even come close to trying, but she made it through. I even ate the dog with my hands. So whatever etiquette you learned at that mission conference last week Malan and Hansen pretty much goes out the window in Indonesia. But just beware Zoie when I come home, if you even try and lick me I will be willing to eat you!!!

But the highlight of the week, and my classic Girl Scout moment, was when we helped a semi-active elderly woman in the Branch move. This Sister lives with her 100 year old mother, who is probably my favorite person in Indonesia. And this 100 year old woman is still as fit as a fiddle. But while helping them move, part of the process was helping this 100 year old woman cross the street. Pretty Awesome. The process was my companion going out and completely stopping traffic and then me and her walking across one side of the street. We then rested in the middle of the street for about 10 minutes and then crossed to the other side. I then realized how much I really am being watched over, when once we made it to the other side, no sooner than 5 minutes after that there was a pretty big accident with 6 motorcyclists falling on top of one another. Kinda scary, but in classic Indonesian fashion, no one was hurt and they all just stood up, brushed off, got back on their bikes and kept going. I was flabbergasted!! But it was still a pretty cool moment of my mission.

Well beside from these events the rest of the week has been pretty disappointing with every single investigator, except one, deciding to reject us. It has been pretty hard to take and watch as people have decided to not listen and learn. We don't really know where to go from all this and what we need to do, but we aren't letting this get us down. We still have one investigator, Ibu Tinawati, and are pretty much putting all our efforts into helping her. But if she rejects us, I just don't know what we will do!! This week, hopefully will bring some new investigators. Hopefully!! But I've learned a lot about how much Satan works and doesn't want us to succeed. I know that he really doesn't like to see us working and helping people to receive this gospel. But I am glad that we have been blessed with the knowledge that we win in the end!! Just gotta keep an eternal perspective!!!

Well I love you all so much and miss you all. Good luck Mom with everything this week. I will be praying for you!!! Post more pictures on the Blog, especially of the new additions in the family. Have a great week, and remember, 2 weeks till my birthday!!! I know this church is true and love sharing it with other people, even though they don't want to listen. It blesses my life so much and I just hope other people can have these same blessings. I love you all!!!


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