Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I forgot

Hey so Sister Groberg told me that y'all had emailed asking if you could do anything for the Indonesian missionaries for Christmas. She said that she felt that it might just be a little too hard to get things for all of them here to Indonesia especially with no guarantee that it will actually get here. But she asked what I thought and I really feel that maybe if you could just write a note for all the sister missionaries in the mission. There are only 11, and 5 are American, so only 6 native. However, they probably wouldn't like it if they felt singled out or felt sorry for, so probably better to send something to all of the sisters. Probably just a letter with some stickers or picture of Christ of the temple. Something that could just fit in an envelope. I think they would all really enjoy it. And all the native sisters speak fairly good English so you could write the note in English.

The names are:
Sister Suryono, my current comp
Sister Nababan, my trainer
Sister Tukijan, my old comp
Sister Sari, I actually have only met her once, but she is the only member in her Muslim family
Sister Pontoan, she has been out for almost 6 months and we are teaching her mom her in Malang
Sister Tandiman, she is really new and her dad is an old mission president here in Indonesia. I hear she is awesome.
Sister Langi, about to go home in February from SLC
Sister Collins, from Layton, UT
Sister Peters, from Idaho
Sister Nicholes, my MTC comp
Sister Blake, me

I don't know if y'all will have time to do this, but if y'all still feel it is good I think they would all really like it. Thanks for being so awesome and giving. A great example to me!!! Love you lots!!

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