Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oct. 18, 2011 Minggu Ini Gila Sekali!! (This week was Crazy!!!)

Hello Family,

Well I am glad that you officially didn't forget about me. That makes me happy, but it was kinda hard having one full week to wonder. We will see in 9 months if your story is really true and I have an email in my old inbox. But it was good to hear from you and get two emails this week. Sounds like you have had a few exciting weeks. I am so happy for the Rangers that is awesome. I hope I get a shirt again when they win the world series. I'm cheering for them in Indonesia, when I remember, but most of the time I don't. Hopefully they can when this time. Sorry Mom to hear that your foot is not getting much better. I hope the doctors can help and you can start feeling better. Just be grateful that you aren't in Indonesia, because what I have seen of the health care here it is not too good and most things are done with rubbing some oil on yourself, or using herbs, basically crazy things Dad would just roll his eyes at.

Well this week has been quite the crazy, emotional one. Many things have happened and I couldn't possibly fit it into one whole email, but I will give you the highlights. First, I don't know if you heard about the earthquake in Bali last Thursday. I guess it was pretty big, at least big enough for it to be felt in Malang. yep, I felt my first earthquake. It wasn't big at all. I was just sitting on my bed studying language and all of a sudden it just started swaying. It stayed for only about 15 seconds and never got big, but it was still pretty cool. Most people in Malang didn't even feel it, but now I can say I've lived through an earthquake. And thankfully I was wearing my earthquake-proof clothing Sis Whitley told me to bring so I was completely safe. Thanks.

The next news was my change in companionship. Yep, yesterday Sister Tukijan moved to Jakarta and I got a new companion, Sister Suryono. She is from Bandung which is near Jakarta on the west side of the island and she has only about 4 months left of her mission. She is really good and I know I am going to learn allot from her. It was pretty sad to see my companion of 4 months leave though. I'll miss her a lot. The mission is in the process of getting about 30 new missionaries so there are a lot of changes going on right now. It is kinda crazy.

And through all this I've been a little sick. I accidentally drank a little bit of the water when I was brushing my teeth and I have learned that even a little bit is not good. I have not felt too good all week. I've always been able to work but haven't been at my best. Thankfully I am feeling better now and have learned my lesson. Do not drink the water.

And the most exciting news is that I have reached my 1/2 way point. In fact it is today. I'm pretty excited about it, but in all reality it still feels the same. The past nine months have gone by fast and I've learned a lot, but when I think I still have 9 more left it still feels like a long time, so I still can't really think about home at all. But yes, happy hump day to me!!!!

As far as investigators go, Floren is still good. She wasn't able to get baptized this week and she and her family has had some drama and sad things happen this week, so we are probably going to wait a few weeks until things calm down for her to get baptized. We can really see Satan working to not let her get baptized, but I'm confident things will all work out. We are just doing our best.

Ibu Hermin is still good. Last week, the girl who rented a room in her house moved out so now she lives all alone. She seems really sad and lonely when we last saw her. Hopefully she will turn to the Book of Mormon, which she still enjoys reading, to give her the needed comfort. We still love her.

We have made some good contacts this week, of which we are hoping and praying that good things come from it. We will see.

As for Christmas presents, I would really just love more photos of the family and the nieces and nephew. This week I had a really strong craving for granola bars, so I would enjoy those. If you can find a portable, hot shower that you could send I would love that. Just kidding. Umm... yeah that is about it. I don't know. Honestly, it doesn't feel at all like the holidays are coming up since there pretty much is no Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas here so my brain isn't quite in the thinking of gifts mood. Whatever you send will be great. Oh, question? Was the phone mom washed my old cell phone? Does that mean I get an iPhone when I come home?

Well I love you all. Thanks for never forgetting me!! It means a lot. I hope everyone has a great week. I pray for y'all everyday! I know this church is true. I love serving my Heavenly Father. I know He loves us and blesses us when we keep the commandments. I love you all. Have a great week!!


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