Thursday, June 9, 2011

Terima Kasih, Ya? (Thank You, Ya?)

Dear Family,

Hello everyone!! So one of the first things that I noticed when I arrived in Indonesia was their love of the word 'ya'. They use it after pretty much every single sentence ... thank you, ya? excuse me, ya? sorry, ya? how much, ya? I like to equate it with the canadians and eh, but when I first arrived I thought it was weird, because they always, including the men say it with a high pitched voice and it is just odd to hear, but I vowed that I would never say it and that was one thing of the Indonesian culture that I would not emulate. Well, I'm sorry to report that I have started saying ya. It was shocking the first time I did it and my companion just laughed because I have made fun of it for so long. It is ridiculous!! I just know that by the time I come home I will be saying it all the time annoying everyone at home all the time with my incessant yas! But it was a cool moment of I guess something has rubbed off on me here and I guess I am adjusting at last to the Indonesian culture. What a slow process it has been!!

Lets see Mom asked for something that I ate that was Indonesian... Probably the best thing here is called Martabak Manis. It is like a pancake from Heaven with enough calories to last a life time!! But it is so good. I'm pretty sure that the only time that missionaries gain weight here in Indonesia is when they eat Martabak Manis in excess. It is basically like a think crepe smothered in butter, chocolate, nuts and if you want cheese. Yumm... it is just so good. It is also the thing that Indonesians know that Americans love and so a lot of investigators and members will buy it for us when we come over. And then my companion doesn't really like it so I eat it. It is getting dangerous!! But so good!! Mom, you should try and find a recipe for it online and we can eat it when I come home!

Don't worry everyone, I am back to being healthy. My voice didn't really come back until Friday or Saturday which was pretty annoying and I am pretty much back to normal except for a little cough that has lingered. I don't know how much of it is from being sick or just living in one of the most polluted cities in the world... probably a little bit of both. I am very glad to have my health back it was quite boring/not fun at all to be sick. Hopefully I stay that way for awhile!!

This week has been good with investigators, except for the fact that Ibu Sri officially moved to another city. Thankfully missionaries are there and so she is continuing to be taught and learning about the church, but it is sad to not be teaching her anymore. But I continue to pray for her and hope that she can fully accept the gospel.

Riyanti is doing good. She continues to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, and pray, but she feels that she hasn't received a for sure answer to her prayers, but she really has a desire to learn and receive that answer. It has been a little frustrating since her boyfriend has gotten a little impatient and pressuring her but we continue to tell her that we are patient and will keep teaching her as long as she is trying. Hopefully she gets her answer soon and will be ready to be baptized.

So last week I told you about the crazy Ibu Linda, well apparently she isn't too crazy. She has read all the way through 2nd Nephi and came to church this week. It is kinda remarkable. She has been too busy this week so we haven't been able to teach her this week and continue but hopefully soon we can teach her and help her. She still is quite the character!!

My funny story for this week is another one that involves just being a white person here in this country!! We got on an angkot (which is another type of transportation that mom can google and freak out about!) the other day and I sat next to this woman who honestly didn't seem quite all the way there, but nevertheless I tried to start a conversation with her and all she would do is giggle. She stared and giggled at me all while saying who beautiful I was with my white skin. And each time I would say something she would giggle louder since I knew Indonesian. This went on for like 10 minutes. It was a little awkward since there were quite a few people on the angkot. Finally I asked her were she gets off and she said that she should've gotten off like 8 minutes before but she wanted to sit next to a white person for awhile. Oh dear! Sometimes I wonder what some of these people would do if they actually went to America and saw lots of white people. Some might die of shock I'm sure!!!

I hope the Mavs are doing good. I continue to cheer from Indonesia! I hope they can hear it!!! No, I have yet to receive a package from anyone, but I will definitely be on the look out since I know some are coming. How exciting!!! I'm glad Viola is doing so well and such a fun and glorious baby!! It's sad not to be there... like what Annie is feeling times about 100,000!! But I continue to pray for her! I love you all and know that the Gospel is true. I love it and how it blesses our lives. I hope you have a wonderful week!!



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