Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear Family,

When I thought of all the sacrifices I would be making when I decided to go on a mission, I really, really hoped that the Mavs winning an NBA Championship and me missing it wouldn't be one of them, but nevertheless, even though I didn't see I single bit of the playoffs, this is probably one of the most exciting things of my life!!!! And I am trying really, really, really hard not to think that I missed a chance to actually go to one of the games in the Finals. But still that is so awesome!!! I got really, really excited when I found out when one of the elders told me at FHE at a members house, the members did not understand what was going on, neither did my companion. This whole time she thought it was a cricket team that I was rooting for. Kinda funny. Well I hope that I get a NBA champions shirt, maybe two since I didn't go to the game, and possibly a hat or something, or maybe a hand written letter from Dirk Nowitzki telling me that he his sad that his most trusted fan missed the playoffs. I am so proud of my Mavs!!! I hope they know it is all a blessing from my service as a missionary!!!

This week hasn't been too bad, not as much teaching as usual, but still a good one. The most exciting thing was that this week was the first ward conference ever in Indonesia in the Indonesian branch I serve in. Everyone in the ward was so nervous they were all in their seats about 30 minutes early. But the funny thing is that I think the stake president was more nervous than anyone else because it was his first experience doing this too. But it all went off without a hitch and the bishop gave a great talk about his goal and desire to get every worthy adult member of his ward endowed in the temple. Last year they had a record 53 adults go to the temple for the first time and he wants to repeat that. It made me very grateful for the temple that we have so close by in Dallas and also very impressed with the faith and dedication of the saints here in Jakarta. It was a great Ward Conference!

This Sunday I get the exciting adventure of giving a talk... in Indonesian!! Needless to say I am quite nervous and anxious. I'm pretty sure it will be a lot of quotes from conference talks that are already translated and then my testimony. But who would've thought that after 5 months of learning this language I could give a talk in it. Pretty incredible, but still... Pray for me!

Oh, Happy Birthday Maren!!!!!!! I can't believe you are going to be 3 this week! But I hope that you have a wonderful day!! And Happy Father's Day Dad! I'm sorry I won't get to call you for your day, but I love you and am so very, very grateful for your support and love for me as I serve! (Are you impressed that I actually remembered? Do you think Bevan will?)

So, where in Indiana are Deborah and Jon moving to? That was quite the surprise for me, yet everyone in their letters said it so nonchalantly, so I guess this isn't huge news to everyone else, but it is quite big news to me! That's crazy!! What are Mom and Dad going to do without any grandchildren near by? They might go nuts! I think with all of them away and me and Bevan on missions all Mom is going to be doing is mailing off packages. Speaking of, I got the package from Sister Whitley this week. I loved it and have enjoyed it all and the thank you note is already in the mail. You taught me well Mom!! I hope all goes well at Girls Camp this week Mom and that you don't die of heat exhaustion. Sometimes I feel like I should still be going to girls camp but that's ok. You just be sure to tell those girls that you never know where life could take you. In a few short years you could be serving a mission in Indonesia like me!!

Our investigators have been doing well... I think. At least the one's we have been able to visit are well. Riyanti and Ibu Linda have both been sick so we haven't been able to visit them. But Riyanti keeps asking us to tell her different chapters in the Book of Mormon to read so that's comforting to now. Raz, the investigator who is pretty much a member but just can't get baptized, is going to Australia for 3 months in a few days. Kinda sad, but she has already looked up the church nearest to where she will be and knows where to go for that. So that's good. And none of our other investigators want to come to church. So this week we have spent a lot of time visiting less-active members. There are a lot of them here so we do that which always allows us time to talk to people on buses and on the street and hopefully get some referrals. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it doesn't. A lot of people just say that they have no Christian friends. But hopefully our investigators return to health soon and we can start teaching them again.

I also hope that Bevan made it to California safely and is enjoying his home for the next two years. I'll be excited to read his first letter next week. Be sure to send it to me.

My funny story of the week: So, a little cultural background information, Indonesians do not like sweet foods at all. They much prefer spicy foods. All the cakes and sweets that they do have here I don't think contains any sugar as to make is as bland as possible. It's crazy, I don't understand. But last week when we were teaching our English class to kids about the ages of 7 to 11, I was teaching them basic adjectives. Two of the ones that came up were rich and sweet. Just as a FYI note for them I told them that something that was really, really, really sweet could be described as rich also. I asked one of the boys what was the sweetest thing he could think of, he thought about it for about 30 seconds and then replied, "Ketchup!!" Oh dear, these Indonesians!!

Well it sounds like everyone's summer is off to a roaring success! Don't forget about me, Hansen and Rebekah, as you play. Keep writing me! When and where are yall going on your summer vacation? No one has ever told me since Alaska fell through. I feel like it is really, really good and yall don't want to tell me because you feel bad I'm missing it... But anyways, keep having fun. I love you all! I know this church is true. I feel so blessed each and everyday that I have the gospel in my life and I am a little more determined to share it with those around me each day. Always remember to be a good example to those around you and be a good missionary in all that you do. I love you all!! Miss you too!


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