Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saya Menjadi Bapak Saya..

Hey Everyone,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! I love you lots!!!
How is it going? Im doing really well! The subject means that I am becoming my father... Which in a small way I am because the past couple of weeks I´ve been serving as the Coordinating Sister in my branch. Which really isn´t much but I just make sure all of the sisters in the branch are doing well, they are following lights out and getting up on time, the residence hall we all live in is fine and nothing is broken. It´s fun, really. I´ve enjoyed doing it. But because of this I have meetings every Wednesday and Thursday nights, extra meetings on Sundays, and occasionally on Tuesday nights. Sound like anyone else? Granted these meetings are only an hour or so at most and are not nearly as stressful as Dad´s meetings, however, I think it is kinda funny.
In other news this week has been a great one. It has gone by really fast I had trouble last night coming up witht things to tell yall. The most exciting thing was that my companion had a doctor´s appointment this week outside of the MTC so we got to go on a field trip! It is pretty exciting to ride in a car again and to see the sights on Provo. I´m glad to see that it hadn´t changed much and all was still well in the outside world. Oh, don´t worry my companion is fine and doing well!
Sister Nicholes and I have also started teaching an Indonesian Investigator. We stopped teaching Ryan and Andy and now teach Rafael from Jakarta. He is pretty cool but it is definitely harder to communicate with him during our lessons. We spend a lot of time in our English-Indonesian dictionaries trying to figure out what questions he is asking but then we don´t know the Indonesian words to answer his questions so we just answer something we do know what to say. It´s a pretty good system. It actually been a great experience. We´ve taught him twice and it is fun to see how I can communicate in this language and get my feelings across. I still have a long way to go, but it is always encouraging to know I´m making progress.
My favorite part of the week this week was Relief Society. So for church all the missionaries are broken up for Sacrament meeting and after that the elders go with their branch presidencies for priesthood and all the sisters in the whole MTC get together for Relief Society and they always have someone exciting and important come. This week Sister Dibb from the General YW presidency came, who is also President Monson´s daughter. She gave a great talk about how to best use the church´s resources to help teach the youth who are investigating the church. It was pretty amazing. But then she spent the last half of the time doing a question-answer session about her father. We could ask her any question we wanted and she would answer it. I learned that his favorite color is yellow, he loves boy-scout songs, and he is a pretty amazing whistler! She said that you can always hear him coming in the Church Office Building because he whistles everywhere he goes. She told a lot of good stories about him, she definitely learned that from her father. She told a story of how he almost started a fire in Provo Canyon when he was 7 years old and how he still feels guilty about it. It was quite amazing to hear her talk about her love and admiration for her father. The best part though was when someone asked her about her mom and what she was like and she started crying and almost could´n´t get the words out. But she talked about how amazing her mother was for being such a supportive and understanding wife and loved to be on the sideline while her husband worked so hard. It was amazing to hear and reminded me a lot of you Mom and how amazing and supportive you are. She also asked us each to always pray for me mother each time we pray for her father because she needs the divine help also. It was an amazing talk and definitely something I will remember for forever.
This week for devotional we had Bishop Edgley come and talk to all the missionaries. It was amazing to hear him. He just stood up there and told story after story about how important it is to work each and every day of your mission and when you do you will always be blessed and your mission will be a success. There were some amazing stories. I hope I remember them and then I can just tell y'all them when I come home. But I´m also proud to report that the iPad craze has hit the presiding Bishopric. H was totally using his iPad up there on the stand to find quotes from Preach My Gospel. It was pretty funny to see that old man use it. Keep practicing Dad at your iPad skills just in case.
Sounds like everything is going well at home. I´m glad to see that my Missionary Service is blessing my basketball teams. I hope they both win it all this year so that they have to credit me with the victories. It would be awesome!!
The only thing I could really think of that I need is probably more socks, just like the small socks to wear with my regular shoes. Also, if y'all could print out some of the pictures from right before I left, especially the ones with me and Alice and Lillian and me and Rebekah. Also my CTR ring if it has come. And Sister Nicholes said I want some Tokens of Love... Whatever those are. But anything you send would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for everything y'all do! Thanks for the prayers! They are a great help. I know this church is true and I love being a missionary. It is great to know that in 2 and a half weeks I will be going to spread the message to Indonesia. It´s awesome! I love you all!!
Love, Leah

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