Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leah's First Letter from Indonesia

We received this letter just a couple of hours after Leah arrived in Jakarta last week after a 36-hour trip from Salt Lake City. She was pretty tired, but, I think, pretty excited to be there.

Why hello family!

I am pretty much too tired to come up with something in Indonesian to say to you. But, I have made it here safe and sound to Jakarta!!! After many, many hours of travel and lot of time sitting in airports and on airplanes I finally made it! It was pretty much the londest trip of my life, but luckily I was able to sleep about 12 hours straight going to Hong Kong from LA; however I haven't been able to sleep much since then. We got to Jakarta at about 1 in the afternoon today which is Midnight Utah time and have been up since so Jetlag has already set in. From the airport we went to the mission home, met lots of people that work there that I don't remember who they are, went out walking around with the office elders, and then came and ate dinner with the mission president and his wife. It has been a pretty surreal experience actually. I got to talk to a few Indonesian people and realized that they talk really, really fast and really, really quiet. But, I could pick out a few words! I also have taken my picture with two Indonesian ladies because they had never seen that many white people together ever in their lives. It was pretty funny. I will stay in Jakarta as a triple with two sisters for the next week and then get my first true assignment on Wednesday. I am pretty sure my P-Day will be on Wednesday so I will write yall again next week. But all is good and well here in Jakarta, but I'm pretty exhausted. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. I was glad I was able to talk with yall a couple of days ago. It was great to see Malan randomly in the airport also. I love yall and miss yall! I'm excited to truly now start this great adventure! Love yall!


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