Thursday, January 27, 2011

The First Email - 1-27-2011

Dear Family,
Apa Kabar? Saya luar biasa!! (How are you? I'm doing awesome!) That's pretty much my indonesian so far. How is everything going? Thanks for all the emails and letters, they really do make life here at the mtc a lot better. Things have been going great so far. My companion is Sister Nicholes from Gilbert, Arizona. She went to BYU before her mission also and we just found out that we were in the same ward during the summer term that I went to BYU right after I graduated. Pretty funny, neither of us recognized each other so we much not have ever met. She is really nice, pretty shy so she doesn't really talk much, but hopefully after 8 more weeks in this place we will be great friends. It has definitely been one long, pretty amazing week. We've started teaching a lot and usually teach a mock investigator about once a day. It is great experience and I can really feel myself getting a lot better as I go. The language is hard to pick up one, which is kinda frustrating since Indonesian is considered to be the easiest language to learn. I can know pray, bear my testimony, and contact in Indonesian. Yesterday we started learning the first lesson in Indonesian also. My teacher says that we should be able to be ready to teach it in the language by Saturday, which seems impossible to me, but miracles definitley happen here at the MTC. The hardest thing for me is that to say "good night" you say Selamat Malam ... but I usually find myself saying Selamat Malan. Pretty funny! However, malan is a word in Indonesian, it means anxious or concerned. No one elses name means anything, sorry! I haven't really been homesick, which is another miracle I have seen. Once I heard that the MTC gets over two tons of cereal a month and that we can watch Legacy on Sunday nights, the MTC really felt like home. The food is not very good most days. I don't know how much I will be able to take in the next 8 weeks. I really don't know how anybody gains weight here, because it is pretty gross. But, I am sure I will survive! I am doing good with all the stuff I brought clothes wise. I do wish I would've brought a sweat shirt or hoodie for p-days and gym. But other than that I think we did good mom. Don't worry! I have gotten rave reviews on my pillowcase!! People usually say that I have the cutest neices ever, which I totally agree! I've learned that the sister missionaries pretty much stay on the island of Java, which means, according to my teacher that I will miss out on the really good dog ... I disagree! They also don't send missionaries to where there are still head-hunters. So, sleep well mom, I will be safe!

Sounds like everything is going good at home. I'm so excited for Bevan and his mission. I constantly think about him while I'm here and just think about how amazing he will be as a missionary and how prepared he is for this great adventure. I still think Germany for him, but I would also love it if you went to the Maylasia/Singapore mission. They speak Malay there, which is essentially the same as Indonesian! We could talk to each other and no one would know what we were saying!!! I can't wait to find out! Write me as soon as you do ( ... it gets delivered the same day!) Mom, I'm so happy your wish came true and you got released. Now, all you have to do is focus on camp that is awesome!!! Everyone else seems to be doing good! I miss everyone a lot but I'm learning so much here about the gospel and how Heavenly Father can bless the lives of all his children through missionaries. I'm so excited to get to Indonesia and teach all those who are being prepared for me. But I have two months to learn all that I can about Indonesian and teaching. Hopefully the time will fly by! I love you all and miss you everyday! But I know I am where my Heavenly Father needs me to be. I know He is watching over me and y'all! Love you!!!

Dengan Kasih,
Sister Leah Blake

PS: In Indonesian parents literally translated to "people old". Thought you would like to know!!


  1. I'm so glad she is not homesick and is doing so great! What is the best way to write to her? Mail or Email? Thanks!

  2. I am so excited to figure out that Leah's Blog is HERE! I've been checking daily when suddenly it occurred to me "Dummy - look and see if it is SEPARATE!" And here it is! I'm glad to read Leah is not terribly homesick and is so pumped and enthusiastic!

    And, I can't tell from her post.... has Bevan received his letter?

    Hugs to all!

  3. You need to mail letters and Bevan should have his call in the next couple of weeks. His papers went in today. Sb