Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sister Leah Blake's first letter home

Letter addressed to "Everyone"

Jan. 20, 2010

Dear Family,

Apa Kabar? That means "what news" in Indonesian which is how you say "How are you?" How are things going? I am doing so well! I just finished my second day here at the the MTC...it has felt like about a weeek but it has been awesome! I've learned how to pray in Indonesian and do basic greetings. I've met my zone leader and coordinationg sisters. They are pretty cool. The other people in my zone are going to Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Madagascar and ... Oregon. Figure that one out because I haven't. There are 6 people in my district: me, my companion, Sister Nicholes, and 4 elders. My companion is pretty awesome. She is from Gilbert, Arizona and really nice. She is kinda shy but so far we have got along great. Probably the worst thing so far is that my bed squeaks like no other. It kept me, my companion and the 4 other sisters in my room up all night last night. Hopefully, I will get used to it. My P-days are on Thursdays so that's when I will get to e-mail home. I know mom will be excited for that! I hope all is well at home and everyone is recovering from all their differing illnesses! And that mom made it home safe! I miss y'all a lot and I am loving being here at the MTC! I've learned a lot in the past day and a half and have loved being a missionary. It has been a marvelous experience so far! I love you all!!! I'll write again next Thursdays.

Love, Sister Leah Blake

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