Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leah's Second Letter from the MTC

Hey Guys!!!
Nice to see that y'all have already forgotten about me! Maybe it is because you are having your snow days and are having too much fun! But I hope y'all are doing well! I see that the discovery of the week has been Pretty amazing huh? My companion and I loved the pie! It was actually really good. What else can y'all send me? All the letters you sent were printed out and sent right too me. So I got them all! Don't worry Malan and Hansen! I did enjoy your Psych quotes, Hansen! I am doing well! I am starting to really love it here and the time goes by pretty fast. Kinda crazy, I have been here two weeks already and only have 6 1/2 left. I leave on the 21 of March. I don't know what time or the itenerary at all, however. I won't know that untill a couple weeks before.

I do have a nametag, Mom. Sister in Indonesian is still Sister, but it is pronounced a little differently. I was kinda disappointed that it is not cooler, but the name of the church is. It's Gereja Yesus Kristus Dari Orang-Orang Suci Zaman Akhir. I'm getting pretty good at saying it really fast! The language is coming good. We have learned the whole first lesson in Indonesian and we teach it for the first time on Saturday. I'm kinda nervous but it will be good practice. My companion and I have two "investigators" which are really our teachers in disguise that we teach a couple times a week. They are really progresssing and should come to church with us on Sunday. It is pretty fun. Other than that my days usually consist of sitting in a classroom all day long except for three 45 minute meals and an hour of gym. It is my companion and I and 4 elders that make up my district and we are all going to Indonesia. We have all become pretty good friends and it makes the time go by pretty fast.

Sundays are the best! We get to have church with our branch and relief society with all the sisters in the MTC. They have had some pretty cool ladies come speak there, like the Primary General President. We get to go walk to the temple and enjoy that for a little bit. Then there is a fireside and then we get to watch a movie. It is a pretty relaxing, but at the same time very spiritual day. It always brightens my spirits and reminds me why I am here. Tuesday nights are devotional where they have a general authority come and talk to us. The past two have been Seventys but we should be up for an apostle soon. I'm hoping this next Tuesday that one comes. They are always really amazing with a great spirit. I love them! Other than that the days are pretty redundant. Lots of flashcards with vocabulary!
How are things at home. I don't know what happened but I didn't get a family letter from you. I heard about Alice's potty training triumph! Congrats!!! I'm glad you got to go to the doll store finally! How are Bevan's mission papers coming? When should you hear? I'm so excited for you Bevan! You'll do awesome!!! How is school going? How many days have you had off with this ice storm yall have had? I met a new elder yesterday who was from dallas area and he said it was pretty big. His flight was delayed and he didn't make it to the MTC on time. How is the basketball update? I didn't get that from dad so I'm kinda at a loss of what is going on at home? You could just send it to me through dearelder and i'll get it later. Any other news? When do Simon and Annie find out if they are having a boy or a girl? I'm still hoping a boy! I would love a nephew when I come home! What is going on with the Mavs? Is everyone getting excited for the All-Star game coming up? I guess there is probably more hype about the Super Bowl right now. Kinda crazy that I know pretty much nothing about sports at all... not usually like me. I did hear that Dwight Howard tweeted about Jimmer. One of my teachers told me. He will occasionally give me a sports update.
Well I hope y'all are doing well! I miss you and pray for you everyday. I love being a missionary. I am learning so much about the spirit and truly being guided by the spirit in everything i do. The church is true and I can't wait to go tell the people of Indonesia about it. I love y'all!



  1. She sounds like a missionary! :) So fun reading her letters!

  2. Hey I am Melissa's SIL (sister in law). I am enjoying your blog! What an exciting mission call!

  3. I love this blog! Does Leah read all these comments when she comes home....or is she able to look at them while she's on her mission? I keep meaning to ask someone this question, but I can never remember....