Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saya Koboi!!! (I am a cowboy!)

Hey Family!!
So... not many Indonesians know to much about America. They know it is there and Obama is the president, which they are very proud of, and that is where a lot of white people live, but besides that the only thing they really know is that in Texas there are a lot of cowboys. I do not know how they know that or why that sticks in their head so much, but pretty much every person I talk to and tell them I am from Texas assumes that I am a cowboy. Now, honestly, I think I am probably the farthest away from a cowboy possible, but I'm polite and tell them that yes I am a cowboy. So I guess when I come home I better start learning how to really ride a horse to make that not so much of a lie. It is kinda funny! I have also been told about 7 times so far that I look like one of the Charlie's Angles. They can never tell me which one, but apparently I look like one of them. Interesting...

I am very excited for Sunday. I can't wait to talk to yall and see you. It will be kinda sad because I don't think at Christmas or Mother's day I will be able to skype since I probably won't be in Jakarta so we shouldn't get to used to this, but it will be great to talk and see yall. Yeah, just work through Elder and Sister Merideth to make sure that yall are contacts on Skype and just make sure that y'all are online at 7:30 am on Sunday Morning so that I can call you. Make sure you are all up and wide awake!!! It's going to be the first of about 5 Mother's Days for mom with a missionary phone call! How exciting!!!

I'm glad to hear that everything went so well with Bevan's temple trip and all went great. That is fun that yall made so many connections there in the temple. But is doesn't suprise me since I met someone this week that Grandpa Ladd gave him his patriarchal blessing. Yep, that's right!! I totally felt like Grandma! So, in the english branch here most of the Americans living here are either here for the government or oil companies. And the ones from the oil company usually have some ties toTexas. So talking to one man and his family and he said that he grew up in South Houston and I said my parents did too and were in the Maplewood Ward and he said it was the same stake and asked the names. I said blake and simons. He said, "Simons... as in Ladd Simons the old patriarch? He gave me my patriarchal blessing." I was floored!! Three years at BYU and I only met one person who grandpa gave him his blessing and I am in Jakarta for 6 weeks and I meet someone. Kinda crazy!!! But unlike Grandma I forgot his name and got no family information from him. Sorry.

Well, this week nothing much changed with out investigators. We do teach quite a bit here in Jakarta, but that is unlike the rest of the mission. The other cities don't have quite as many oppurtunities to teach just because here there are more Christians and more oppurtunities to talk to people. So other missionaries have told me not to get to used to it. But I'm enjoying it while I can. The news of Osama his been kinda big. We are a little more restricted in where we can go now and can't go to big public places, but other than that I haven't noticed any big change. A couple people on the bus have told me to be careful because of it, but I am just being obedient and confident that if something happens the Lord will take care of me. So don't worry at all!!

So, investigator wise... Riyanti is doing great. We taught her the Word of Wisdom yesterday and asked her to keep this commandment and she said her boyfriend taught her that a couple months ago and she hasn't drunk coffee or alcohol or tea since. It was kinda amazing, especially because that never happens in general, let alone in Indonesia!!

Ibu Yani (I think I wrote Ibu Yana last week who is a less active sister we are working with... yep confusing) is still struggling a little. She did tell us this week that she has a doubt about Joseph Smith and that is why she is hestitating to changes jobs, so we are trying to work with her more on that. She is really sweet, but just very hesitant. It will definitley a situation that when she is ready she will fully make her commitment but it will be on her terms.

Allena has dissapeared. We haven't been able to reach or get in contact with her for about a week now. It is kinda strange and a little worrisome, so hopefully we can get in contact with her again soon and keep working with her.

Ibu Sri is doing good. She has trouble reading the Book of Mormon because her eyes are pretty bad, but she tries and she has quite the desire to learn and just be accepted into a church family. The safety and friendship the church has offered her has definitely been a great draw for her.

I'm glad the Mavs are doing well and were able to progress. Did the series go to game 7? I hope they beat the Lakers, that would be awesome!! Sports report here... A lot of people play badmitton in the streets, without a net, just hitting the birdie to and from each other. It is pretty funny.

I do have a question... What generation member am I? Apparently, what number generation member you are is a big deal. Members ask me a lot. I say 5 because that seems safe, but I wanna be sure. I can find out of Sunday!!! YEAH!!

That's cool that you got to meet and have lunch with Elder Oaks. I'm quite impressed. And I'm glad you got to talk about me!!

Well, that's about all. My funny story was the one about grandpa... not funny but definitley cool. I miss you and love you! I can't wait to talk to yall on Sunday! I know this church is true and that God lives and loves us! I feel that love so much everyday as I go about the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia and marvel at the fact that that is where I am living. I know He is taking care of me and watching over me! I will see you on Sunday!

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